To face a highly competitive market and occupy their spaces, companies need to define their marketing positioning with precision, differentiation and specialty. Our globalized business world believes that exclusivity of such product or service is a company’s strength for no longer than a short time. Thus, it becomes crucial to constantly follow up direct and indirect competitors and new players, both potential threats to a company’s business, as well as being aware of the image stakeholders built upon their businesses. To do that with adequate technique makes a company more professional than other.

In order to make your company a differential among such a labyrinth of business options requires the use of diversified and precise marketing information to take accurate decisions. To know how to achieve and transform such information into real intelligence to your business becomes a great challenge.

To be a self-sustainable company requests flexibility and dynamism on its operations, otherwise, business is in risk of implosion. Afterwards, even if your institution has the utmost and most capable

human resource, still, there is a need of counting on third-party projects and tools in parallel as for following competition prompt moves.

We are aware of such business scenario, therefore, our work proposal concerns in providing marketing recommendation resulting from marketing information collected by different techniques as for orienting our clients’ marketing strategies. Our goal lies on recommending the best strategic positioning to our clients by means of Competitive Intelligence philosophy and techniques, especially regarding the mapping of external environment, mutually with marketing research concepts as a support tool, mainly for the primary data collect.

Please see below the chronological activities flow our projects follow. Depending on each company’s stage of structure (from small to large ones), we are flexible to be hired for one (or some) uniquely phase.

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